Throat Blog — New Years Update

Ok, a couple of updates to start out the new year. First my New Year’s Resolution: 4K.

On the gallbladder front, the Interventional Radiologist shot some dye into the tube sticking out of my side and saw on x-ray that my bile ducts are draining just fine, and that there are no visible gallstones. So, he yanked the tube out. I had booked a room nearby so I would not have to tie someone up for 10 hours on the off chance that I might need a ride…and in the end I didn’t need the ride. No sedation, just a steady pull.

About 2 minutes after he pulled out the tube, though, I started getting some pretty bad pain in my right shoulder. This same thing happened after the procedure when they put the tube in, but I was partially sedated. At the time I attributed it to the awkward position I was in during that procedure. But, this procedure I was flat on my back the entire time. I told the doctor about it immediately…he said it was normal. The nerve bundle going to my gallbladder includes shoulder nerves. So, for a week or so, any time I coughed or did anything else to irritate where the tube had been, both my side and my shoulder hurt. I suppose there could have been much worse places for shadow pain to appear…

A followup with the surgeon who would remove my gallbladder were my gallbladder to need removing and he agreed that there is no reason to take it out. Of course this still leaves open the question of what is causing the steatorrhea.

Upper GI with small bowel imaging showed nothing abnormal. Was really hoping that they’d find something so that there would be something to fix. But, the search must continue. For now, I am taking some pancreatic enzyme supplements on the chance that the issue is related to pancreatic dysfunction. A couple of weeks into that, though, with no change or improvement…I don’t think that is it.

On the voice front, I’m still sans voice. ENT doctor scoped my throat and said that there was still a lot of swelling. As it goes down, voice function should improve. Come back in a month. Meanwhile, the throat irritation keeps me coughing a lot, which probably keeps it irritated and swollen. So, maybe someday I’ll do more than croak out my thoughts verbally. Or maybe I’ll be stuck in this mode, forever. After over 1.5 years of not being able to speak effectively, it has gotten really old. You’d think you’d get used to it. Well, I suppose I have become used to it, but that doesn’t mean I have grown to like it. I am so ready for some improvement here.

Otherwise, I’m feeling fine. Been playing with a new toy (drone) a bit. Getting ready to go to Las Vegas to work our suite at the Consumer Electronics show this week where I’ll announce a major new product in my category. And, I’m not practicing guitar as much as I should, but I have a goal to step up the pace, there, after I get back from Vegas. A friend of mine teaches guitar and will barter lessons for some of my video skills (or I’ll just pay him outright…either way is fine with me).

So, that is how 2019 is starting. Not terrible, but not nearly perfect. Hoping the year gets just a little better as it progresses. But whatever it is will be what it is, and I’ll deal with it as it comes. I can wish for a lot of things, but in the end, reality is what we all have to deal with. Our fantasies (of better health, different politicians, better stock performance, or winning the lottery) might entertain or inspire, but living in fantasy world is not sanity.