A New Low

Well, last Wednesday my first stop was to my Medical Oncologist, who reviewed my labs. He felt that two of my labs (but primarily calcium) warranted me to be admitted to the hospital. But, before that I had my last whole-brain radiation. I was able to walk to the lobby, but when they came to get me, I had to have them bring a wheelchair to wheel me in, then back to my car.

So, after radiation I drove over to the ER to get a room. A room I stayed in for a week. 🙁

I was basically locked into the bed because the nurse and tech were both busy all the time (and they had to put a belt on me, get me out of bed, and get me shuffling down the hall (I know, because that is what the physical therapist did). So, I got weaker and weaker instead of better. But, my labs looked better, so they released me this Wednesday.

I’m able to shuffle around the house, but am being very careful. Getting a little better every day, but still the lowest energy/stamina than, well, ever. Hard to get off the couch. Hard to stay awake. Eating through a stomach tube, again (mostly).

I make myself get up every hour to keep from stiffening up too much. Trying to get up to actually going further than the mailbox. Wish me luck.