The End

Paul’s title would have been wittier, his intro would made you chuckle and read on.  I truly wish I had the clever, satirical, genius mind of Paul to make this post as witty, sharp and on the edge as he would have.

Hopefully most of you reading this are already aware.  However, for those of you that aren’t, I regret to inform you that Paul passed away peacefully on December 28, 2019.  His cancer had become very aggressive and spread throughout his entire body.

Humorous to the end, he was very clear in one last signed, witnessed and notarized wish.  We are to “Celebrate at La Gondola, Mansfield, TX.  Eat, Drink, Celebrate my life”.  So that we will.

Please Join us on February 2nd from 2:00-4:00 at La Gondola (1211 East Debbie Ln. #129, Mansfield, TX  76063).

If you plan to join, please email the number in your group to: