A Little Wiped Out


Well, maybe more than a little. Chemo 3 days in a row (Friday / Saturday / Sunday) and now a couple of weeks off to let it do its thing before the next round. Friday wasn’t too bad, other than lack of sleep from the night before. Saturday, I went home and took a long nap. Sunday, an even longer nap.

Monday I had early morning follow up appointment with my throat surgeon, then went into the office. Around 4 I realized I’d better leave if I wanted to stay awake for the drive home. Stopped by and got some soup for dinner, then on to the house. In bed by 7 pm. Barely crawled out of bed a little after 7 am. I could have stayed home, but then I would have just veg’d all day. Came to the office and am able to get some work done, but not up to my stellar productivity standards.

Biggest side effect is fatigue. But, I’m also not very hungry and the lymphedema (fluid build-up) in my neck seems to be a lot worse than before treatment. Don’t know if that is a side effect of the chemo or a side effect of not being very active the last few days. But, I’m still spared nausea.

I had ordered some accessories for my car (roof rack and other similar) expecting to install them when they got here. Well, I can’t even get them out of the back of the car, now. Rather than wait a week or two to feel up to it, one of my nephews is going to come over this weekend and put them together and on the car for a bit of walking around money. Also a few house tasks (all my kitchen cabinets need to be emptied in advance of a remodel that starts in a couple of weeks) so tapping him for that, as well.

Didn’t expect this big of an effect so quickly. Hopefully that means the tumors are getting kicked just as hard…or harder.

Thursday I have planned to have the feeding tube into my stomach removed…I’ve not used it in a couple of months and it is a constant irritant. Unless my mouth/throat develop sores (a possible side effect) my eating should not be affected (well, other than the loss of appetite, which I hope comes back during the pause between treatments). Actually, I could remove it myself, but the doctors really frown on that (you just deflate a balloon and pull). But, after that I have a complete break from doctors for a whole week!

Well, about ready to take a nap…but since I’m still at my office as I finish this up (started writing it yesterday), I’d better get a few more things done before heading home, where I will really try not to go to bed too early.

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