A New Plan


Well, the Radiation Oncologist’s report changes my treatment plan pretty dramatically. Because of the number and position of the brain tumors (some could not be reached by Cyberknife), they will be doing whole brain (avoiding hippocampus) radiation. Hippocampus is involved in memory, so avoiding the hippocampus should help to avoid memory issues.

The rest of the brain radiation can cause side effects. Basically anyything else the brain does could be affected, including speech, problem solving, vision, basic personality, motor skills, … well, you get the drift. But, they have started me on another drug that should help to reduce or even prevent these side effects.

So, 9 days of that, then another 14 or so days irradiating the lungs. Could cause coughing…nothing new, there.

Once all that is done, it is on to chemotherapy. No end date planned…usually it is when the patient can no longer tolerate the chemo or if they decide the chemo I’m on isn’t doing what it needs to do (which is kill the liver tumors). But, then they’d likely start me on a different chemo. It will be 3-week cycles, with treatment the first two weeks, the one week off. Not sure exactly what the nature of the treatments will be…whether it will be IV or pill and how many days treatment is given during those first two weeks of each cycle. I’ll find out when I next meet with my Medical Oncologist (early December, probably)

I asked when the next assessment (CT scan/MRI/PET or whatever) would be. Doctor said about 2 months. So, they expect me to be around for at least 2 months. Hoping for much, much longer. I am really ready to start feeling better and doing some things. I’ve just been too tired all the time to get out and do very much. Oh, and that reminds me. The main expected side-effect during both radiation and chemotherapy is … fatigue.

So, on top of being fatigued, I’ll be even more fatigued. I’m going to stake out a corner of the couch at my sisters’ houses for Thanksgiving and Christmas and just get up for food. If I doze off, let me sleep (but wake me if anything happens).

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