Chemo Starts Tomorrow


That says it all. Well, I suppose there are one or two other things I could add.

I overall feel pretty good, other than some right should pain and continued bouts of insomnia. Chemo treatment might actually be good for the insomnia (if it makes me fatigued, maybe I’ll sleep better).

The 3-drug cocktail I’ll be on will involve about 5 hours in the infusion tomorrow, then an hour or two on Saturday and Sunday. Then I will be free of treatments for 2 weeks before doing another round. Side effects are expected to be mild…much milder than last Summer. And, the oncologist seems pretty confident that the liver tumors will respond, as will the lung tumors. He was not worried too much about the liver tumors (of course, it isn’t his liver we were discussing). And, after I’ve had a few rounds of chemo there will be some other options we can look at for burning out the tumors with targeted beams.

Yesterday, I helped set up a trade show. Did the same thing 2 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago I overdid it big time and had a lot of right shoulder pain for several days. Yesterday I managed to only overdo it a little…so I have a little shoulder pain, today, but not bad at all. That shoulder won’t really have an opportunity to get much better until and unless the nerve that goes to the trapezius muscle regenerates. That muscle is basically gone, so the wrong muscles are taking over…which pulls my shoulder in the wrong directions when I try to use it with any effort at all. I have exercises to do, but they won’t be completely effective until I regain control of that muscle.

So, that is the quick update for today. Hoping that chemo is as benign to my overall system as expected (but that it is as effective at attacking the tumors as we hope).

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