Delivery Fail and Food Win


So, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post I hung around the house all day waiting for my kitchen appliances to be delivered and installed by AM Home Delivery and Trucking. They were showing as on the truck out for delivery between 11:30 am and 3:30 pm. I was continuously home from about 10 am. There is no possibility that I missed a knock at the door. Well, at 5:45 pm I had to leave to go to a friend’s birthday dinner (went to Cane Rosso instead of Reata). They still had not arrived. And, their site showed that I was delivery #11, but they were at delivery #14. Today, my shipment does not show up on their site.

They never called. Never texted. Never emailed. Oh, and never showed up. Sent emails to both the seller (Appliances Connection) and the delivery company. Not going to hang around another 7 hours for a no-show. Let’s see how they handle it…I’ll keep you informed.

Pizza and the service was great at Cane Rosso. I got one with a white sauce instead of tomato sauce (tomato sauce still has a bitter, metallic flavor to my chemo-altered taste buds). Had a Virgin Mule (wait, what?). Well, non-alcoholic blend of ginger, lime, mint. That might just be my go-to libation until the liver tumors clear up. Sweetness and sourness are flavors that are still palatable, and the ginger helps keep my appetite going.

Dinner tonight? Leftover pizza.

My mom expressed some skepticism over the taste of freeze-dried food (really, in many cases it tastes better reconstituted than the original). So, I’m taking some freeze-dried beef stroganoff I made a couple of weeks ago to her place for lunch. My only concern is whether the sauce will properly emulsify (not separate into different components). I’ve not tried this one myself, so it will be new to me, too. I made it using real sour cream and a Knorr sauce mix. I will probably take a back-up meal (but also freeze-dried), just in case.

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