Freeze Dried Food Score


Ok, I can’t judge the flavor of the reconstituted beef stroganoff I shared with my mom for lunch, so I’ll base this on her facial expressions and comments. Texture, though, is something I can comment on based on my own experience, so I’ll start there.

I’d score the texture at about a 3. The noodles had broken up quite a bit, so some had powderized. Also, the mostly whole bits were quite mushy. I may have overcooked them before freeze drying. In any event, noodle texture was pretty sorry. The meat texture was mostly meh.

Most of the beef chunks did not rehydrate well, so were pretty tough and nearly crunchy. I did have one piece that had hydrated well, though, and it was pretty good. I think the meat should have been rehydrated separate from the noodles and sauce. The sauce thickened pretty quickly, so I think that bound up the water, preventing the meat from properly absorbing.

Now, to flavor. To me it was quite bitter…but a lot of beef tastes bitter to me right now because of the effects of chemo. Mom said it wasn’t bitter But, needed salt and pepper. Then more salt. I think “I’ve tasted worse” is mostly what her expression said. I’ll guess overall flavor as a 5 or 6. Not gourmet, but edible. If you are hungry enough. Probably would taste better when you are camping, tired, and very hungry.

“Hunger is the best sauce.”

Edward Abbey — Farewell to a River

So, saving the rest for camping food, where a lesser sauce can be more easily forgiven.

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