Guitar Gathering 2018 — Acoustic Night


As promised, GG2018 Acoustic Night with performances by Steve Krenz, Collin Hill, Joe Robinson, and Christie Lenee.

Steve Krenz was introduced to many of us through the Learn and Master Guitar course. Many others through weekly Live Lessons podcasts. You can connect with Steve and the rest of the GG community at

Collin Hill has been coming to Guitar Gatherings for several years. Originally from California, he and his family moved to Tennessee 3 months ago to put him closer to where the guitar action is. I’ve got a couple of other performances on my YouTube channel definitely worth checking out. You can also find his videos in his own YouTube channel. One of the youngest members of our gathering, he’s also one of the best players you’ll find in the group. Maybe Steve is better. For now.

Joe Robinson grew up serenading the cows on his family farm in Temagog, Australia. At 16 he won Australia’s got Talent and he moved to Nashville shortly after, at the invitation of Tommy Emmanuel. This is the first time he’s joined us for Guitar Gathering and, in addition to this incredible performance he also gave a great Master Class on Guitar Technique and Musicianship (look for that video in the coming days or weeks…). He frequently tours…if you see he’s going to be near you, definitely worth going. You will be wowed. He also has a courses on covering Fingerstyle Guitar techniques (Fingerstyle Synergy: Bass & Melody).

Christie Lenee is the 2017 International Fingerstyle Guitar Champion. She is the May, 2018 Guitar Player Magazine centerfold, and her latest CD, Stay, was a finalist for “Best CD of 2016” for Best Lyrics (Indie Acoustic Project Awards). She plays intricate, percussive, emotional and unique original songs. Her performance at GG 2018 will leave you spellbound. This is also her first time to join us for a Gathering, and earlier in the day she discussed Contemporary Fingerstyle technique in her Master Class (video to come).

Ok, so this ended Day 1. I got back to my hotel exhausted and inspired.

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