Guitar Gathering 2018 — Blues Counsel plus Phil Keaggy

Thursday night we were treated to a 2-hour concert by Blues Counsel (the first 45 minutes or so), Phil Keaggy (for another 25 minutes) and then the combined group (for yet another 45 minutes or so). Some fantastic musicianship. And what a great theme for a Sunday morning release…Faith Music.

Phil was, as usual, ethereally phenomenal. He illustrates a new twist (pun intended) on string bending in his song “Salvation Army Band.” Watch for it around the 1:11:45 mark.

And, Blues Counsel are certainly not shirkers in the talent and performance arena. From rocking guitar solos to a rather unusual jungle treat by their percussionist.

Just a couple of sessions to go, then GG 2018, the video editing sessions, will be behind me. Next up after that, I have a good friend who is a great guitar player. We’re planning to get one or more of his originals on video in a month or so (after my last chemo round).

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