Hit and Run


I was letting my mom out in front of Kroger so that she could go in and pick up her prescriptions when my car suddenly jerked forward. Some dude in a maroon Nissan had clipped the left rear bumper. Not high-speed and it is possible that the damage can be buffed out.

Passenger got out, asked me if I speak Spanish (un poco). I asked him to get his ID and insurance card. He said they were going to park in a space. While I was ducked into my car getting my insurance card, he drove off. Entire encounter was a little over a minute.

Fortunately, I have a high-res front- and rear- dashcam setup, so caught it all on video, including a clear shot of the license plate.

Called police to make a report, then waited an hour. Called their non-emergency number and they told me officer had been dispatched 7 minutes prior, so I waited (was going to ask if I could file another way). But, if they were already en route, didn’t think I needed to do that. After another hour, I called back and found out that they had been diverted to a higher-priority call. Calltaker said that I could cancel the call, go home, then call back and they’d have an officer come to my house.

So, took my mom home and drove home. Officer came, showed her the video, she took some pics of the damage. I emailed the video to her a little while ago. You can see it on YouTube.

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