More Fact Finding, No Surgery Today


(Posted by Paul’s Nephew)

I know we are all sitting around refreshing so here is the latest update.  

Today turned out a little different than we all thought.    The procedures completed today include a microlaryngoscopy and bronchoscopy.  Both of these are accomplished with a scope and are non-surgical.  They took  approximately 1 hour and the purpose is to take some biopsies and visualizations.   

Tomorrow there will be a meeting with the “tumor conference” to work on next steps.  The diagnosis officially changed from sarcoma to squamous cell carcinoma.  Sounds like surgery is still a possibility for removal.  Additionally, chemo and/or radiation treatment are anticipated.   The PET scan showed no sign of metastasis which i believe is a good sign (even though I am far from being a doctor). 

Paul will go home today as well. 

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  1. Yes, no metastasis is excellent. Glad to hear this. Sometimes they can use radiation to kill or shrink the tumor so surgery isnt necessary. That’s what they did to my tumor and what my uncle had done to his throat cancer. Sounds promising.

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