Now We’re Even Bigger, with More Locations!


That would sound great, if I was talking from the point of view of Costco. But, unfortunately, that is the latest word from my tumors.

Lung tumors have gotten bigger and are affecting nearby lymph nodes.

Liver tumors have gone from one of note with several suspect, to at least 9 (that even I can see on the CT scan well enough to count. In the featured photo, I’ve circled four. Since this is a 2D view, you can’t see the other 5 or 6 (I can by scrolling through the slices). You need to go to the page for this post to see the image…if you are viewing the stream, just click on the post title.

Good news/bad news on the neck scan. The neck is clear. Yea! But the front of my neck has a lot of scarring and “odd” tissue that might be pre-cancerous. So, going to treat it with a fluourocil ointment (Carac). But that isn’t the bad news. The bad news is that that scan showed two probable tumors in my brain: One in my left prefrontal cortex and one in my cerebellum.

So, MRI brain is on tap. Neck CT only included partial brain scan. And, brain shows up better under an MRI than CT (contrast does not cross blood/brain barrier very well). Medical Oncologist sounded pretty confident that the brain tumors can be easily excised with radiation, so going back to my Radiation Oncologist on Thursday to discuss.

Also, chemo changing to topotecan. Oncologist is also looking into medical trials, especially RadVax, and the Stanford Cancer “Vaccine” to see if I would be a candidate for either. Both of those use a small amount of drug(s) injected directly into one tumor. RadVax then gives that tumor a small dose of radiation to cause it to have a larger T-cell response. Both, then, result in your body creating a large amount of T-cells targeted to that specific tumor type…and the T-cells attack all the tumors in the body, not just the one that was injected.

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