Official Results, Soon


Well, I got the MRI on Friday, but have to wait until this afternoon to get the official results. I know there are more than 2 tumors (well, if I’m looking at the scans correctly). I counted 8 or 9. One of the two that were visible on CT (the one in the left prefrontal cortex) turns out to be two that have grown into each other. So, 2pm appointment with the Radiation Oncologist to get results and make a plan.

Meanwhile, my appetite is about as bad as it has ever been. I’m back down to 122 lbs. Besides taking a long time to get hungry, I fill up fast. I’ve never been one who could eat after I fill up. Going to start buying and/or making smoothies to supplement…sweets are less of a problem to get down with low appetite than “real food.”

Otherwise, I do feel more fatigued/tired/winded. Not sure if that is due to not eating enough or another side-effect of the cancer. I’ve been off cancer meds now for nearly a month, so should be recovering from that. But, yesterday I got insurance approval for the next chemo in the drug chain (assuming nothing else changes): topotecan.

Got about an hour before I need to leave for the appointment, so going to try to finish the smoothie I got with lunch and try not to nap.

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