The New, New Plan


Well, at 6:30 AM, my Radiation Oncologist messaged me with a change to my plan. He reviewed my past lung CT scans and feels that they are growing too slowly to have priority over chemo. So, after brain radiation we’ll start chemo.

In theory, if we hit the right chemo, it should also affect the lung tumors, too. So, the liver starts getting treatment about 2 weeks faster under this plan, which is great, as they have also been my 2nd biggest concern (after brain).

I had a heck of a time getting out of bed and getting to work, today. The bed kept calling me back. But, I managed to make the drive (actually got to work about 30 minutes earlier than I normally do). I’ll probably be fighting sleep a lot today. Not sure why…I slept well last night.

Meanwhile, still very little appetite or capacity to eat. I didn’t weigh, today, but probably a little lighter. Tried a smoothie on the way home from work. Managed to finish about 16 oz of it (bought a 32 oz). Also had a ham and cheese sandwich. I am trying…

Well, better get what work I can get done, done. I’ll let you know if the radiation gives me any mental superpowers (or erodes those mental superpowers I already possess).

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