Thoat Blog — Just Waiting


Had both of my pre-surgery consults with the surgeons that will be working on my neck. First is the one who will take out the tumor and larynx. He said that his part will last about 2 hours. Next is the surgeon who will be reconstructing my neck. To do this, she will remove tissue (skin, fat, muscle) from my upper right thigh, upper left thigh, or forearm (in order of preference) to use to rebuild my neck. That part will take up to 10 hours. A lot easier to yank stuff out than to put stuff in and make sure the plumbing is all connected well so that it works.

Both surgeons agreed that I will likely be in the hospital for 7-10 days, then at-home convalescence for another week or two before I’ll feel like resuming “normal” activities. Much less than the interweb searches led me to believe, but they both said that their normal patient is older, in much worse shape, and with a history of smoking or heavy drinking that all contribute to a longer recovery time.

So, now I’m just waiting for the surgery scheduling department to call to tell me when my incarceration will begin. Could be this week, but more likely the next week. I have one more consult pending with the swallow/speech therapist to go over my recovery plan. That happens on Tuesday. Meanwhile, just waiting.

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