Throat Blog — A Good (Hospital) Night’s Sleep

Here is what a good night’s sleep is like, here:

  • 10:00 PM: Lights off, lids down
  • 12:30 AM: Wake up for vitals
  • 1:00 AM: Wake up for meds
  • 3:00 AM: Wake up to pee
  • 4:30 AM: Wake up for vitals
  • 5:00 AM: Wake up for respiratory tech
  • 5:45 AM: Wake up for meds

At that point, I just got up. I normally get up around 6 AM, so tough to sleep in (but naps later are a distinct possibility).

Doctors came through around 6:30 AM. Plan for today:

  • Switch to green (not a fall risk) gown. (DONE!)
  • Switch to smaller and fenestrated (windowed) cannula so that I can breath/cough around it.
  • Assess swallowing. If positive, switch to normal eating.
  • Remove NG tube (depending on swallow results).
  • Switch to more hydration by mouth, either NG tube or swallow, so that I can untether from the IV pump and be free!!! (Well, free to roam the room and halls, anyway).

If all goes well, I could be looking at being discharged by Sunday, but they always seem to want to keep me here a day or so longer than I expect. Could be back to work by Monday. Well, work from the office, anyway. I’ve been doing a lot of work from the hospital, but there are a few physical and face-to-face tasks that I just can’t do from here. Email/server access only gets you so far.

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