Throat Blog — A Nice Hot Shower

I noticed that no one who visited would sit on the couch next to me. Then I started counting backwards and realized I haven’t taken a real shower in 20 days. Coincidence?

I have very little sense of smell, since air isn’t drawn through my mouth or nose. So I have no idea what I smelled like. But, last night I took my first shower since May 20th. Felt great. Hopefully I smell better, too.

This morning, got up, made my own breakfast (shake 510 ml water with two packets of powdered formula). Again my walking, steadiness, blood pressure are all better and better. I’d put those factors at 80-90%. Strength and endurance are both shot, but I’ll slowly start working on those as I am able. I have a stationary bicycle at the house, so will start on it at very low tension to start building up some aerobic capacity as soon as I get home.

I still have a bandage on my left thigh where the skin graft came from, 20 or so staples on my right thigh from the first failed donor site, and more staples than I can count in my left upper chest where my pectoral was rotated up to my neck, so those will limit me in range of motion and ability to push very hard. But, I expect the staples to come out of my right thigh this week and the bandage on the right thigh doesn’t really affect range-of-motion, so I think getting the legs moving more is do-able.

Not much happens on the weekends, here. No physical, occupational, or speech therapy, minimal doctor interaction (although someone usually comes by before now). Pretty much left to my own devices. So, time to eat breakfast and drag some of those devices out of my suitcase.

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