Throat Blog — A Weighty Issue


After not eating (even by nose) for nearly 3 days last week, then only getting food-by-nose for a couple of days, I expected my weight to be down when I got out of the hospital. My baseline weight from the end of 2018 was 145 lbs (which I was trying to add to). Going into the hospital, I’d drifted to 143, as I’d not been able to eat very well for a couple of weeks (and probably a bit dehydrated). (My app tells me that on 2/6/2011, I weighed 183 lbs.)

Once they told me I could eat, last Saturday, I started piling it in. The combination of no food for a week, plus the effect of the IV steroids amped my hunger. I started tracking calorie intake, too, so I’d know if I was getting enough to eat. And, as soon as I got home, I started weighing every morning (at home I can do this straight out of the shower and not worry about the weight of clothes…plus at a consistent time of day). Below are my results.

DateDaily Calories6 AM Weight
3/29/19(still eating)138

Now, I recognize that calorie apps aren’t perfect (I’m using MyFitnessPal, though, which is very good). And, not all scales are great at consistency (but I’m using a pretty expensive Polar Balance scale, which has always been very consistent). So that leaves four possibilities (well, four that come to my mind):

  1. The steroids have amped up my metabolism and I really am burning up those calories.
  2. I’m becoming progressively more and more dehydrated.
  3. Some combination of 1 and 2.
  4. Magic.

For #1, that would not be a normal response. Usually, your hunger amps up (as mine has) and you gain weight while on steroids, not lose. I was actually looking forward to the weight gain.

As to dehydration possibilities…well, it is possible that I’m a bit low on hydration, but not critically so. Blood pressure is OK. No dry mouth (not a reliable indicator, I know). Peeing often enough, and not too darkly (TMI?). No headache or fatigue…

So, I’m left with #4. Today I am a magic man. I suspect that will fade.

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