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September 13, 2017

Long wait in the doctor’s waiting room. My fault. “You never get in early to see the doctor if you show up on time.” So, I showed up at 12:30 for a 2:30 appointment. Of course, I saw the doctor at 2:30.

He scoped my throat again and went over the CT with me. I was really hoping he would give me his best Arnold Swartzenneger impression, but instead “It is a tumor.” But, without more testing, does not know what kind nor what treatment. So, scoping was followed by a needle biopsy. Hopefully final results tomorrow. But, preliminarily he feels it is narrowed down to some word that ends in “oma”. Could be carcinoma, sarcoma, or some other oma. Oma gosh.

Treatment will likely be one or move of chemo and surgery. Surgery can be partial or total laryngectomy (goal is to keep enough to preserve speech and normal breathing through mouth and nose). But, can’t tell. He wants a PET scan ASAP.

Well, ASAP turns out to be September 22. 9 days. Well, maybe.

After I left and was on the freeway, my phone rang. Have I mentioned how hard it is to talk on the phone? Well, freeway background noise makes it impossible, so I pushed the call to voice mail. No message left, but the same number a minute later. So, I looked around but there was absolutely no place to pull over (I35 at the I30 west bound interchange). Call went to voice mail before I could pull over. No message left.

So, I drove up to the first exit and into a parking lot. Checked email and saw I had a new message from the doctor’s office. They can’t just send you an email. You have to log into their portal. So I did that. The nurse said that she had an earlier PET appointment for me but didn’t say when it was, just to call her back. So I did that. And got her voice mail. No reply back by the end of their business day. I left a message and also sent a message through their portal to please leave voice mail next time.

So, that is the news. Hurry up and wait.

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