Throat Blog — Another Slow Day


Now, my status has changed to “wound management” so I’m mostly left to my own devices during the day. The doctors come through once early to irrigate my neck and then again in the later afternoon. Other than that, 3 walks and tried not to nap too much. Worked on my portfolio for quite a bit, today. I don’t have to spend a lot of time on it day-to-day, but twice a year I re-evaluate and rebalance. Usually wait until the end of June, but decided this was close enough.

As far as the medical front, when they first put the drains into my neck and irrigated them, I would get water in my mouth when they pushed saline into the irrigation tubes. Then, the right side stopped doing that. Now, both sides seem healed enough that no water goes into my mouth on either side. I suspect they’ll want to do another barium swallow test (I swallow liquid barium and they watch on a fluoroscope to see if any leaks into my neck when I swallow) before sending me home, but that is yet to be confirmed by an actual doctor.

I’m hopeful (for the second week in a row) that I could be home by the weekend. Fingers crossed.

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