Throat Blog : Bad Scientific Method

The only thing keeping me here, now, is the digestive issue. They don’t want to send me home having to go every 2 hours. So, yesterday they tried, unfortunately, two things at once. They both gave me a large (8 mg) dose of Imodium and changed my nutrition formula. The result? Cramping, gas, mild nausea.

So, which is the culprit, the Imodium or the new formula? No way to know for sure (my vote goes to Imodium, though).

Overnight, the cramping eased substantially. Still a lot of borborygmi, but I can go 5-7 hours between trips. But, each trip is very low volume, so hard to say how much has improved. I feel right now as though I have both constipation and diarrhea at the same time.

I’m going to advocate that up to 7 hours between trips is enough to send me home, but I’m doubting that I’ll get agreement from the doctors. A couple of hours before they round, so crossing my fingers that I’ll have some sudden progress between now and then.

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