Throat Blog — Boring Update


Well, unless you find recounting of intestinal function and number of trips to the toilet exhilarating, you should find this pretty boring, as not much really has happened the last few days.

Sunday I had high hopes of being released on Monday. But, had to make >30 trips to the toilet (only really needed to go 15-20 times, but believe me when I say…don’t take any chances). So, on Monday, the Doctors were concerned that I might have a C-Diff infection (basically one of the normal gut bacteria takes over the gut and goes where it shouldn’t go). This concern basically put me on lockdown until lab results came back. Everyone coming into my room had to be extra-gowned. If I left the room, I had to be extra gowned and really stay away from any other patient…not that I’ve been socializing, any.

Well, labs came back clear in the afternoon, so all of those precautions went away. But, I had lunch, an ultrasound, and my ride over to radiation all happen at the same time. So, my ride over (and my lunch) waited while they did an ultrasound on my legs (I have some swelling and they wanted to be sure there weren’t any clots lurking…there aren’t). Back up to my room, I had them give me my sandwich for the ride over to radiation. Then, back to my room to finish my late lunch.

While at radiation, though, I met with a Dietician who said something that I had not heard before…and which I was pretty sure was incorrect. And it could really affect her decisions regarding what dietary adjustments and supplements I might need. She said that they had removed my Duodenum. Hmmm. I really don’t think so, but have been admittedly bombarded with information so maybe I missed something.

First rounds this morning (5 am) I asked the doctor to describe what was done and what condition each part of my intestine was in. I framed the condition as healthy (no damage), unviable (removed), and viable (kept, but might need some healing).

He confirmed that stomach, duodenum, and about the first 50 cm of jejunum were healthy. About the next 125 cm of jejunum was unviable and removed. Then, the remaining jejunum (about another 100 cm) was viable and looked healthy (but certainly some damage that needs to heal). Both the ileum and colon were very healthy looking, which the surgical team all found very surprising. They expected to see a lot of damage and possible unviable sections there.

So, I have that information to feed back to the Dietician, today.

Otherwise, Monday’s mad dashes were slightly better than Sunday’s. Maybe a few less “productive” trips, but no false alarms at all. But, still, 15 trips. They really don’t want to send me home if I am at high risk of dehydration and/or other issues related to that.

So, I’m  stuck in the hospital for another day.  Not much happens between mad dashes, so really not much else to report.

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