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So, no real news, today. I have some fake news, but saving that for Facebook posts under my Russian alias.

I have been taking the Dr’s direction to eat well while I can to heart.  I had been losing weight slowly, mainly due to anxiety…I get hungry but then quickly lose all appetite a few bites in. Having Tuesday’s procedure changed from tracheotomy to biopsy has done wonders for the anxiety. That and having a plan of action. Ultimate outcome is still just as uncertain as it has ever been, but knowing the next steps helps to keep my mind on the nearer horizons and not worry as much about what is on the other side of the mountain.

So, I have been eating. Breakfast (which I almost never eat), Lunch, and Dinner. Last night in addition to my main entree I had soup and dessert. Doctors said weight gain trumps pancreas for now (but not to go crazy with the sugar…just not to worry about it too much for now). As the below chart shows, it is having some effect.

Difficult to tell without scale, but the far left of the graph is late June. The last green down arrow is last Wednesday and marks my weight’s low point (162.3 lbs). Today that is up to 165.8 (before breakfast of oatmeal and a Pumpkin Spice Latte).

My throat soreness from the biopsy has almost entirely abated. But, that never really affected my eating…mainly it hurts only when I cough or “dry swallow” (i.e. swallow only saliva w/no other food or liquid volume).

So, that is the no-update update for Saturday. I don’t really expect much to report until I go to the dental oncologist and speech therapist (for swallow coaching) later in the week. Ready for a relaxing weekend.

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  1. with the radiation treatment … do you have to avoid locations that have radiation monitor equipment

    Your writings show you have maintained your humor

  2. You have my prayers…My husband has stage 4A laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma…Three year survival rate….I’m happy to say, the dr. says he is cancer free…But there is always a chance it could come back…I want to give you a little tip…If you lose more than 20 pounds…Please please, have them to put a feeding tube in….They waited too long for my husband…He has gone through hell and back…I pray that you won’t go through that kind of hell…

  3. You don’t know me…I grew-up with Linda and Jim McMillan…My husband found out 3 yrs ago, he had stage a 4 a laryngeal cancer…If your ever in need to vent, to someone, that’s been through it…Call me…Linda has my number..Your in our prayers….Please call if you need anything..
    James and Lanita

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