Throat Blog — Cast in Carbonite

Well, at least it felt like carbonite. Was actually a low-temperature thermoplastic. Here is a picture of some random woman in one:

I went to the radiology center at UTSW early this morning to be fitted with my head cage. Actually, it is what will hold me very still during the radiation treatments. They laid me out on the CT scan table, then put the warmed mask over my head and upper torso. As it cooled, the material hardened, shaping itself to me.

Then the fun started. Since the biopsy I’ve been having to clear my throat a lot. I had not really cleared it well before they laid me down…and I didn’t realize that I was about to be locked into place. A bit of panic, as I could not clear my throat and started to feel like I was going to drown. So, they unsnapped me and let me sit up and clear. They assured me that I am not the first person to have that reaction.

So, I cleared my throat and took another stab at it. I needed to be locked down about 5 minutes to get the CT scan done. Two things helped the 2nd time:

  1. I had cleared my throat so didn’t get the drowning feeling.
  2. The mask had cooled and I had expanded a bit so I had room to move my throat enough to at least swallow, if not cough.

Made it through the procedure fine after that. I was worried that I’d have to valium up (and then I would not be able to drive myself back from the appointments). So, past that hurdle. I think they took about 30cc of blood for testing.

And, now I have an appointment set up with an oncological dentist in Garland (only 2 hours from my house) for next week. I get extra fluoride during the radiation treatment. Any conspiracy nuts out there beware: Because of the extra fluoride I will, of course, be extra trackable by government black-ops teams.

Treatment starts on 10/2. I have a couple of other appointments between now and then (chemo, speech therapist to discuss swallowing, aforementioned dentist, etc.). And, I need to eat everything I can, and continue to do so even once the throat starts hurting. Actually, my throat is pretty sore, today, from the biopsy, but that should go away in the next few days. They said that the sore throat from radiation would be much worse…probably my worse symptom. If they see me losing weight, or if it starts to seriously affect my ability to swallow food and liquids without choking they’ll put in a feeding port. So, an incentive to not lose weight. Gotta stock up on Ensure and make sure my blender is in good working order.

Ok, that is it for today. I’m going to stop by the office then head home. I think I’ll probably start back to work tomorrow, only leaving for my various appointments. What a change since Tuesday morning when I faced weeks in the hospital and months recuperating. I might still face that, but I’m fine with just putting that out of my head for now.

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  1. You’re in my thoughts and I’m really hoping for the best outcome for you. Will continue to check in. Can this be set up for an RSS feed when you post? Oops, I see you can from the check boxes below. Hang in there, and keep us up to date.

    1. I actually wasn’t sure about the RSS, glad you found that. I did add a menu link at the top of the page that will show all posts in chronological order, earliest first. Makes it easier to catch up if you are coming in late in the process.

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