Throat Blog — Day 11 Post Treatment


My last radiation treatment was 11/17. All the doctors advised me that I'd feel worse for 10-14 days, then would start to rapidly feel better. Well, today is day 11 post treatment…and I am definitely still in the "feel worse" phase. Its all in the throat, too. Throat is very sore. A lot of difficulty swallowing…and if I try to drink any water some of it goes down the wrong way and triggers a coughing fit. Really, just about anything can trigger a coughing fit right now. And, my airway is a little bit constricted all the time. Not enough to panic me, but I can feel the air forcing around probably my vocal folds both when I inhale and when I exhale.

Sleep is fleeting…I have to wake up enough to cough or the mucus builds up too much and gurgles in my airway. So I find myself sleeping fitfully at night and then dozing off a lot during the day.

I skipped going to the office on Monday, but did go in, today. Really would probably have skipped today, too, but I had a doctor's appointment this morning and the office is only 15 minutes away. Not going to stay until 5…probably will head home around 2pm.

Today's appointment was with a hematologist. We are trying to determine if/when I can go off the blood thinners. To determine that, I'm getting scheduled for a CT angiogram to see if I have a lot of plaque build up in my arteries. Also another battery of blood tests. Might know something in early January.

It seems that I have a few blog addicts reading these posts. If I don't post to the blog at least every 3 or 4 days I start to get texts and emails asking if I'm OK. So I'll try to keep posting every few days, even if not much is happening.

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