Throat Blog — Discharge Day

Well, no, not one of those bad kinds of discharge. This is a good discharge. My attending physician has agreed that I’m ready to head on home. I am so ready. If I felt sick, I suppose it might be another matter, but I really don’t feel bad. And, Imodium has taken care of my mad dashes, so I should be able to make it all the way home without any issues.

So, a friend of mine is picking me up at 2pm to take me to my radiation appointment, then to my house. I think I’ll celebrate when I get home by taking a nap (if the cat will let me). Meanwhile, as soon as they remove my last IV, I’ll take the first really good shower I’ve had in a while (I’ve been having to keep that arm dry). I’ve already started packing my bags.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment with my Medical Oncologist to determine when we’ll restart chemo. There is a balance between allowing my abdominal issues to heal and not allowing the tumor to heal. I feel like I will probably be able to restart that next week. Not looking forward to it, in particular, but it is a necessary part of the chemoradiation treatment if we are going to destroy the tumor.

Ok, I think the nurse is coming in to remove my IV line. So…see you when I get home!

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