Throat Blog — Eating Through my Nose


At last we were able to get the NG tube down into my stomach. It seems that the changes to my larynx pushed everything back a bit, so the tube was trying to go into my lungs, instead of my stomach. Finally, after twisting and turning, we found that if I looked down and to the left, the tube had a straight shot to my stomach, so there it went.

Now, I’m getting a very slow drip of something that looks like (but probably isn’t) chocolate milk. They want to start slow to be sure I tolerate it OK. I’m ready for them to crank it up to 11, or to at least make 2 faster.

They were about to move me back to the 6th floor (out of ICU) but then decided that since I had a new trach I’d add too much load to the floor…so stuck up here a bit longer. They did agree to unplug me from most of the monitors, so at least I can move around the room a bit better (just have to drag my feed bag and IV bag around wherever I go). I’m really ready to go to 6. The room is bigger and laid out better for an ambulatory patient. This room is not tiny, but is cramping my style, a bit. Plus, I have to stay in this ugly orange gown (orange means I’m a fall risk, but everyone up here has agreed to ignore that, since I’m not really a fall risk). Down on 6 I can switch to a blue gown (but actually, I just put on my street clothes).

Anyway, still waiting for biopsy results. I’m guessing I’ll be here for the weekend, but hoping they surprise me with an early parole.

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