Throat Blog — Escape Plan Plotted

Ok, I started this by calling it “Throat Blog,”, of course not anticipating these new developments. But rather than retagging all the posts as “Throat and Emergency Bowel Resection Blog” I’m going to keep the current tag. For anyone reading to know my progress (or perhaps your own expected progress) for the throat cancer treatments, you’ll just have to slog through some other stuff that is really very individual to me.

I don’t go back and read my posts, and exchange quite a few emails, FB posts, and just chats with doctors, family, and friends. So, some of my posts might repeat things. I’ll try to avoid that, but sometimes it is going to happen. So, I’ll do a quick recap on purpose so that maybe I’ll not repeat too much in detail.

Sunday night major pain, called 911, transported to MCA in Arlington, they moved me to UTSW. During all that time of trying to get me diagnosed so that they could get me fixed, I was experiencing continuous level 9-10 pain.

UTSW did emergency bowel resection on Monday, where they removed nearly 4 feet of small intestine. They also found the source of the problem was a blood clot in a weird place. Normally, the clot would be way down my small intestine nearer to the large intestine. This clot was closer to my stomach.

Surgery was just in time. Tuesday another surgery reconnected my intestines, and I’ve been recovering ever since. Wednesday spent in ICU, but I was able to get up, walk around unassisted. No pain med requests. Doctors were amazed.

Thursday moved to a private room and from then we were just waiting for my digestive system to start working, again (as would be evidenced by flatulence). Had Radiation treatment Thursday afternoon…lots of walking for that at my request. Two more radiation treatments on Friday as well as a visit with one of my office friends. He was also amazed that I was up on the couch. He’s a chaplin, so used to hospital visits. He expected me to be a drooling mess in the bed…instead I was sitting up in street clothes.

Then, while visiting with my BFF and his wife last night, it happened. Ok, there is no way to really say this delicately so I’ll just blurt it out: I FARTED!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! Fist bumps all around.

And, this morning I did a bit more. So, today I should  start to be able to take in clear fluids (broths). Maybe work my way up to Jello by dinner time. Really want an egg, bacon, gouda from Starbucks, but maybe tomorrow.

In a bit, the doctors are going to come through and remove the tefla tape from my incision and hopefully get the orders in quickly for broth. And, I should be able to take a real shower. No procedures scheduled today that I know of…just plan to walk around, drink all the water and broth they’ll let me. Maybe a nap or two, too. Probably got 5 hours of good sleep last night. They wanted samples of my precious bodily fluids several times…and had to wake up for meds a couple of other times.

Maybe another update later, but that pretty much covers it for now. Have a great weekend. I see the sun is coming up past a hazy Dallas skyline. Go do something fun and tell me all about it later.

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