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Well, several other people were feeling down in my mouth, today. First stop of the morning was a Dental Oncologist in Garland (about a 1 1/2 hour drive in this morning’s rainy rush hour traffic). Basically had to sign off on my teeth being healthy enough for me to start radiation therapy. Also, needed to have a tray made for a fluoride treatment to provide extra fluoridation to help counter any negative affects the radiation could have on my teeth. So, about 20 X-rays and a consult ensued, followed by a tooth casting so that the fluoride trays could be made.

The radiation oncologist didn’t really feel that I would have to worry too much about my teeth, as the treatment will be much lower on my throat than some other cancer patients. But, I am all for an abundance of caution.

The dentist gave me a thumbs up (after having various people in the practice having put their thumbs…and several fingers…in) but recommended I move up my November cleaning appointment to be as soon as possible. The office staff was great (oh, they are They even helped out getting me an appointment for dental prophylaxis (look it up) with my regular dentist for this afternoon.

So, I left Garland with a bag of goodies (2 toothbrushes, industrial strength fluoride gel, mouth moisturizing samples) and headed the 46 miles west back to my regular dentist. Got there early enough to grab lunch and do some email (some semblance of work, today, anyway).

Office staff at my regular dentist — and by regular I mean every 6 months since 1988 — got me squeezed into the afternoon schedule. Oh, and that isn’t a typo; I’ve really been seeing the same dentist (and hygienist) for nearly 30 years. When I first started going there (after my previous dentist was arrested…but that is an entirely different tale involving women, nitrous oxide, and after-hours “dates” in the office) I had hair, my dentist didn’t have grey hair, and the hygienist was single. Fast forward, I’ve been going there through my own alopecia, the dentist’s development of canities, and the hygienists birth of a daughter who is now grown and long ago released to the wild.

The entire office staff was great (if you are in Fort Worth and need a dentist: Got teeth cleaned, a complete review of every tooth’s  history and condition, then another bag of goodies (toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, some more mouth moisturizer). Oh, and Dr. Rubin: I was just joking. This wasn’t actually caused by floss poisoning.

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