Throat Blog — First Day Home


According to my fitness tracker, I slept 8 hours and 13 minutes last night, of which 6 hours and 15 minutes were restful. According to that same tracker, I have had less than 2 hours of restful sleep in any one night for the past several weeks. Really made a difference. Over the weekend, I had to fight falling to sleep all day long. Today, I lasted until an early afternoon nap (that could have also been a little drug induced).

Got up around 6 am, fixed my breakfast and watched the news for a while. Took a long-overdue shower in my own bathroom. Then headed out to start knocking some of the items off of my to-do list. First up was to get the car inspected. Done! Had a few groceries and other items I needed for the house so stopped at Wal*Mart. Done! My glasses are broken and my last eye exam was 3 years ago, so stopped by the optometrist to schedule an appointment. They were able to see me at 12:15, today, so I stuck around and got the new prescription and ordered new glasses. Nothing I can do about my broken glasses until the replacements get here, so I’ve still got to fight to keep them on my face. But, after 2 months of them being like that, another couple of weeks won’t be much of a hardship. So, Done!

And…that was enough of an outing for my first day back. I am finding that the muscles in the back of my neck really start to pull after I’ve been up and active for a while, and that can turn into a bad headache. So, I mixed a pain killer in with my lunch and let them all drip in together. And, took a nice nap on the couch with the cat.

But, the to-dos didn’t stop there. Since the car was inspected, I can now also register it online, so I took care of that one, too. The only tasks I have left are ones with hard times and dates (appointment at my credit union, meeting with a contractor). But, I also have a few untracked tasks. I am interested in a new car and have narrowed my selection to three models. So, Wednesday I might start taking some test drives to narrow down my selection. Basic criteria for the new car is:

  • All Wheel Drive
  • Advanced Safety Features (adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance, etc).
  • Not black, white, or any shade of grey

My short list is down to:

  • Kia Palisade
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee TrailHawk
  • Ford Flex

All are about the same price. It will likely come down to results of the test drives and in-stock availability. The Kia and Ford both have a dirth of AWD in the area, and the Jeep dealers seem to love black, white, and grey.

So, about ready to push some dinner down the tube and head off to bed for another restful night.

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