Throat Blog — Food, Electrolarynx, Release

This will be good news, meh news, bad news, in that order.

Good news is that they have OK’d me to have anything on the menu that will go into the tube. I convinced them that oatmeal would go if I diluted it and pushed it with the turkey baster, so they added that to my OK list. So, off of formula and switching to soup, oatmeal, and whatever other liquids they’ve got. I really think that will do the most in resolving my digestion issues.

Meh news? I ordered an electrolarynx. Then, the company contacted me and said that it would take 2-3 weeks for the insurance company to approve it. Or, I could pay out of pocket and hope for re-imbursement. So, I opted to pay out of pocket. Hopefully, I’ll have it in my hands before the weekend.

Bad news: No release, today. Tomorrow almost certainly, though. So, one more night in prison, but at least now my cot includes three hots.

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