Throat Blog — Getting Closer to Home

After reconsulting with the team who repaired the thoracic duct, who assured him that I was out of any danger of springing a new leak, my primary surgeon has relented and I am being switched over to “normal” formula starting with lunch. If things improve, then they should release me tomorrow. I told them not to expect things to go back to normal, just for the water jets to switch to “normal” diarrhea. The only thing that is going to fix that will be going back to real food, which I should be able to do as soon as I get home. The nutritionist came by while I was typing this, and we discussed alternatives. So, lunch is on the way. I suggested maybe I’d also try some normal broth (not boiling). She was tentative, so maybe I’ll hold off until this evening.

On a related note, this stuff I’ve been on has now started to generate an incredible amount of gas. I passed a continuous stream for 10 seconds. At first I was startled. By the time it was over I was quite impressed. Took me back to my high-school trumpet playing days.

I also lost 26 little pieces of metal. They removed the remaining staples from my right thigh. Just 60 staples in my chest, but those come out in an office visit.

I have not had a solid 8 hours of sleep (outside of being sedated) for 22 days, now. My best night was probably 5 hours of interrupted sleep. I am so looking forward to sinking into my own sheets and sleeping for as long as the cat will allow.

I’ve started making a list of all the things that have been slipping by that I need to take care of:

  • Sort through all my mail
  • Expired credit card (replacement might be in a big pile of mail at the house)
  • Car inspection and registration
  • Eye exam and new glasses
  • House and yard stuff (although one of my sisters has taken care of the inside of the house for me and I have a guy that does the yard, some things I have to take care of myself)

All light-duty things I can take care of while still not released to go back to the office. Hoping that release can come in a week or so. I’ve not checked in work-wise (other than personal messages to co-workers) since May 20. I don’t even want to think about what might be piled up there…so I won’t (officially).

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