Throat Blog — Got some Time?

Well, I got the time, anyway. Go into prep around 10:30 AM. Surgery starts at 12:34 PM. Ok, so that sounds really overly precise at first glance. It is like saying 47.834% of all statistics are made up.

But, upon a little reflection, that should mean that they actually have a minute-by-minute plan of action (even if I don’t have that plan to see for myself). I can imagine it, though.

  • 10:30:00 AM: Remove Patient’s Shirt
  • 10:30:15 AM: Remove Patient’s Shoes and Socks
  • 10:30:30 AM: Remove Patient’s Pants
  • 10:31:00 AM: Remove Patient’s Underwear
  • 10:34:00 AM: Fully recover from previous step
  • 10:35:00 AM: Lay Patient on Gurney
  • 10:35:30 AM: Start IV Line
  • and so it goes…

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  1. lol, love the “recover from” part! Gotta love Paul’s sense of humor! If you are like me Paul you will be joking with them until the lights go out. Hmmm, is the tablet going in with you so you can communicate with them?
    I actually remember one ear operation as a kid I was talking to the doctor the entire time.
    Take care Paul!

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