Throat Blog — Hangry


Procedure went well, by all accounts. I now have 2 little red hoses coming out of each side of my neck so that the fistulas can be irrigated to keep them clean. Doctor indicated that I’d go home with them and do that myself. Residents did not have that understanding. I’ll let them sort that out.

Wednesday after it was too late to order food, they put me on a puree full diet, so I can put any food that will puree into the g-tube. But, they cut off all food before the procedure. Then, they forgot to turn it back on after the procedure. By the time we got the doctor to change the orders, it was again too late to order food.

This morning I had been without food for 36 hours and was pretty irritated about it. Pestered everyone until the residents arrived and mostly fixed things. I am NPO (which means I cannot take any food by mouth). But, as mentioned, can have pureed for the g-tube. My chart says NPO, but then says in the notes that I can do the puree. Nutritional services could not get past NPO so still resisted accepting a pureed food order. That finally got sorted out. I am suggesting that they put Puree in the main field and NPO in the notes (since no one seems to read the notes). I know better than to try to put food or drink in my mouth…I want to heal up so I can get out of this place.

I’m also connected to IV fluids, since I could not eat or drink yesterday. Waiting for those orders to change, too, so that I can walk around without having to drag the IV pump around behind me.

Today, my brother-in-law is bringing up all my mail (might have to make 2 trips) as well as the electrolarynx. I’m ready to start practicing with that. Tired of having to type out everything I want to say (and I never can get in everything I really want to say that way).

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