Throat Blog — Home at Last

Well, actually I came home on Wednesday evening, but by the time I made it here, I was more than ready for a nap. Well, ended up being more than a nap…I slept from 6:30 pm until about 4 am. Felt good to be at home, in my own bed. The cat is either still mad at me for abandoning him for 2 weeks, or my smell is so different he’s not sure it is really me. I’m sure the more I feed him, the more that will change.

So, actually got out of bed at 4:30 AM on Thursday and started getting ready for a busy day. I had a 7:20 AM radiation treatment, a 12:30 pm appointment with my medical oncologist, then another 3:40 PM radiation treatment (I have a few double-radiation days on my schedule to make up for the days I missed last week). By the time I got out of the 7:20 AM treatment, I was more than ready for a morning nap. A friend of mine lives about 15 minutes from the hospital and had offered up her couch if I needed it. I took her up on the offer.

I actually have more energy in the afternoon, so was able to forego afternoon napping…I stopped by my office in between the Dr’s appointment and afternoon radiation. I had some nutritional supplements recommended by the Dietician shipped to the office, and needed to grab those. Also, wanted to see if they had sold off my office fixtures during my absence (everything seems to still be there). By the time I got home, though, really didn’t have the energy to drag the laptop in out of the car…so finally getting around to this update, now.

Starting to get a little dry mouth…I have to have something to wash down my food, otherwise the longer I chew it, the drier it gets. Also just noticing a little throat pain…not much, but just enough to notice when I swallow. And, swallow I must. The Doctors want me to take in >2500 calories/day including at least 150g of protein. I’ll have to use some supplements to achieve this, and will go shopping for protein powder this weekend so that, even if I miss the calorie goal I’ll at least hit the protein goal. But, I’ve also got some Boost Very High Calorie drink, so at the end of the day, if I’m a little short on calories, I’ll have that as a nightcap.

Monday I start back on my regular schedule of Monday chemo + radiation then Tuesday-Friday radiation only.  Meanwhile, still fighting the battle toward “regularity.” I took a Vicodin last night when I went to bed. Not so much for pain (I didn’t need it for that) but for the side effect of tightening up the bowels. It seems to have helped. I will be so glad when things get back to toilet normal. I walk around in a constant state of distrust of my own bodily functions. No real prognosis on when this could happen…what I went through was unique enough that there really doesn’t seem to be a good protocol for managing it other than frequent doses of Imodium and/or other similars.

Today’s plans are for my sister and Mom to come over and visit mid-morning. Then I’ll head over to my afternoon radiation. Might stop by the restaurant this evening for a steak…good source of protein that tastes good, too. We’ll see how much energy I have left at the end of the day. Either way, I’m pretty sure it will be an early evening.

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