Throat Blog — How Low can you Go?


I ate Sunday evening (mostly a 10-oz pork loin, sous vide with marinating spices). Then, no food until they let me eat, today, which was around 10 AM.

At 5 AM they came in and took some blood for labs. They came back at 7 AM and said they needed to recheck my glucose…the labs came back with 55. So, they did a finger stick so that they could get a good read. After all, I was coherent, actually doing some work emails, not sweating. I was a little shaky, but not terribly so. The finger stick came back…47. Ooh, I don’t know what is scarier. That my blood sugar got down to 47 or that it didn’t affect me mentally. Maybe I’m always behaving like my blood sugar is that low, so I just didn’t notice.

Anyway, they gave me a fast bag of glucose (since I still couldn’t eat or drink). Next check, blood sugar was 185. Well, we don’t want it that high all the time, but they said that was pretty normal after getting that much sugar water into my jugular that fast.

Around 8 AM they wheeled me down to X-Ray so that they could confirm that my g-tube was working as it should. It was. So, they gave the go-ahead for food and drink by mouth (or by g-tube). I ordered oatmeal and a breakfast sandwich. Also Orange Juice. I figured if it made me cough too much, I could always pour it into the g-tube.

After that, I was just hanging around waiting for the social worker (arranges for home supplies…which I don’t need) and dietician to come by, then I was free to go. To work…

It feels a bit like I was stabbed in the gut. Oh, wait. I was stabbed in the gut. Took 1mg of morphine for it, yesterday, but nothing else. I’ll take some Tylenol, tonight. Really, it only hurts when I cough. Or get up. Or walk. Or sit down… Well, I know that will go away in a couple of days. It is already much better than yesterday.

Still waiting for the appointment to do the 2nd biopsy. I bugged 2 of my doctors by email and every doctor that came into my room, today (3 or 4) to try to get it done today, while I was already there. Well, didn’t happen. So, more waiting. Not sure what is worse, the not knowing (but pretty sure) I’m experiencing now, or the hope (false though it was) I had for a couple of weeks after the first biopsy. I’ll have to try not to think on that some more (as such thinking is usually at 1 or 2 AM).

Still planning the multiple upcoming trips (San Diego, Pennsylvania, Houston, Nashville) but planning for contingencies, as well. I’ve also got a suitcase packed and in the car ready for an extended hospital stay. Can’t be too prepared.

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