Throat Blog — How Much Will It Cost?

Well, finally got a call from the hospital…but just about the upcoming costs (assuming my insurance pays and I have no idea why they would not pay). Pretty much the price of a small home freeze dryer. I’d used up a lot of my out-of-pocket expense cap leading up to this (2 CT scans, ultra sound, doctor’s visits, plus my annual physical and blood work back in January).

Still awaiting a road map, which is top of my mind and which is what most people ask me. How long will I be in the hospital? How long will I be in Rehab? How long before I can eat? How long before I can go home? How long before I can drive?

I know that many of those answers are the standard answer given by any good economist…”It depends.” (Most people don’t know that most of my elective  business degree courses were economics…Money and Banking, primarily…they think I’m some kind of engineer or lawyer or bohemian geek.) Some general ballpark idea would be nice, though.

Well, back to waiting for the next call.

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  1. Your updates are informative and interesting. Heres to living vicariously thru your event. I’ve got some super food pre/post surgery recipes if you want to indulge, would be happy to prepare them.

  2. Hope all goes well Paul! I never stress about the bills part until AFTER I’m home. One operation was $75,000+ and that didn’t count the doctors and other things. That was my neck disectomy where they removed two crushed disks. That was three days in the hospital. I found not stressing about that ahead of time I recovered much faster. It’s a few weeks to a month of recovery before the bills come in so it’s easier to worry after most of the recovery is done.

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