Throat Blog — I’d Gladly Pay You Tuesday…


But, no hamburger today. They tried to put in the NG (naso-gastric) feeding tube. First time, the nurse tried, but after getting past the painful back of my nose and just past my gag point, it both hung up and caused something to start blocking air through my trach tube…so we yanked it out.

Tried a second time with one of the Dr’s. I actually did most of the work, as I could feel when to push, could rest for a moment when I needed to, and could control the speed. Got everything past my nose, into my throat, past the gag reflex, but then the tubing just bunched up without pushing the tube any further. I think whatever is causing the tightness in my esophagus that contributes to the swallow issue is hanging up the end of the tube.

So, no blended hamburger (or whatever they put into the NG food bag) for me, tonight. It has now been about 40 hours since I have had any nutrition at all. I am beyond hungry. I could definitely use some calories. But, next attempt at NG tube will be by the ENT team tomorrow morning.

I’m still up in ICU, simply because there are no rooms down in the non-critical area. Other than the NG tube drama, I’ve been an easy patient for this floor. I get up and down on my own, something that most on this floor cannot do. I’ve never hit the call button. Don’t need bathroom help. Just need to get this feeding situation fixed and I’ll be good for the rest of my stay.

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