Throat Blog — If You Are Reading This…

Then, I survived surgery. Oh, and thank you for reading this.

By all account’s I’ve heard, surgery went well. Tumor came out cleanly and was a mix of live tumor, dead tumor, and infected tumor. Surgeon is confident that no followup radiation should be needed, but PET scan at the end of the month should verify that.

My last memory before surgery was in the OR, they were about to give me something to make me a little sleepy. It worked!. My first memory after surgery was about 10 hours later and also in the OR, with some surprise that I was apparently awake so quickly. That almost always happens…I come up fast. But, the next hour was a bit spotty. I next remember being in my ICU room with no memory of walking there. Took them about 3 hours to get me settled in, at which time they let my sister come up (at about 8:30 pm). She and my brother-in-law brought me this morning, so had been up since the wee hours They stayed for another couple of hours, then headed home for lunch (and I suspect a nap).

I have a painkiller button, but it doesn’t seem to touch the pain I am having (which is not horrendous but is continuous). I really haven’t been able to even feel a rush after hitting the button, which is unusual. It also hurts a bit when saline is pushed… I have two lines; left side and right side, and it only hurts when they push on the right side. The last time they pushed saline, I got a big rush (I’d been hitting the pain pump every 10 minutes for about an hour) followed by dizziness and pain relief. I think something issss wrong with the IV line and I got a big dump of the painkiller all at once when the nurse pushed the saline. So, no more anything into the IV until this is fixed.

My blood sugar level came back very high (>250) which is so strange after not eating for so long, I had them run it again, and it came back that high a 2nd time. could be due to the steroids. I don’t have any nutrition in my drip. They gave me some IV insulin but haven’t rechecked, yet (it was 10 hours ago). The insulin is a direct injection, not through the IV, so should not be affected by whatever issue the IV is having.

While I’ve not really slept since I got out of surgery, I’ve not really been fully awake most of the time, either. Spent quite a while with my eyes closed, listening to whatever was running on the TV . And, of course I am almost never alone …. a nurse, respiratory tech, doctor, or other is nearly always in the room, too. At least I’m spared trips to the bathroom. Catheter takes care of #1, and apparently #2 was taken care of around 3:30 AM Monday (while I was still in the OR). Just as well that I was knocked out for that.

I’ll be hanging here in ICU until at least Friday at which point I’ll be moved to a private room. Already looking forward to the move. More room, I’ll probably not be classified as a fall risk, so can get up/down on my own, plus I’ll be able to get my laptop out, which is much easier to use to write these posts. Until then, I’ll make do with what I’ve got.

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