Throat Blog — I Know I Slept More Than That


Every morning I sync my activity tracker (Polar M600) with the app while I’m in the shower, then check the results. This morning, I was advised by the app that I had 0h0min of night sleep. What! I know I must have slipped at least a little sleep in last night…although I did wake up restless and read for a bit…and changed between the couch and bed a few times (sometimes that helps me get back to sleep). Oh, and visited my new best friend several times.

Still, though, I know I slept a little.

But, got up very early and prepped for my busy Monday. Did a sugar splurge (not recommended by any of my Dieticians) and had a Belgian Waffle at IHOP. Was really just hoping that it tasted good. Well, it tasted … um …well I got it all down, anyway. Tried to drink a glass of Orange Juice, too, but only made it through about 1/4 of the glass. Just tasted bad (and hurt to swallow). I took it in a togo cup. I don’t know why. I knew I was just going to dump it out (and I did).

Made it to UTSW for my chemo. Actually glad I got there early. They had computer problems off and on the entire time I was there. When it was down, they could not print labels (and they do love their labels), could not get anything from the pharmacy (necessary for the chemo drugs) and could not access their messaging system.

Fortunately, at each important point (printing labels, pulling labs, getting my Cisplatin from the pharmacy) the system was up. Other patients were not so lucky and sat for quite a while in the infusion room not getting infused.

My only snag was that the RN was unable to hit a vein on first stick. So, she called over an associate who picked a different vein and hit it first try. That did eat up 15-20 minutes, though, so infusion started a little late. The first and last parts are just saline to get me hydrated and protect my kidneys. Middle part is the 1-hour Cisplatin infusion. All together, infusion started around 10:30 am and takes about 3 hours.

I had a visit from one of my Dieticians. Really not much to do this week, as the surgery really screwed with my weight progress metric. So, we are going to try to keep me at or above 153 lbs (my current weight). With no/bad taste, this is going to be very difficult, as I noted in my last post. For the rest of the infusion, mostly I read, but near the end I dozed. Woke up. Dozed again until the IV complete alarm sounded.

Still feel fine right after infusion (other than not-enough-nap grogginess). In my break between chem and radiation I found a nearby GNC and got some protein powder to help supplement my diet with extra protein when needed.

I was about 30 minutes early for radiation and really hoped that they’d be running fast, but no such luck. My 3:10 appointment started promptly at 3:10. They snapped me into place and started the treatment. For some reason, the preliminary (alignment) phase ran long…two songs instead of one. Then the standard one song radiation treatment itself. About 12 minutes total during which I actually dozed.

Had one small issue when I relaxed and the mask put some pressure on the tumor…which caused it to make my throat spasm (this has happened a few times, generally at night when I change positions). Was able to shift slightly and releave the spasm without interrupting the treatment and then promptly dozed again.

There is that “doze” word again. I’ve used it a few times, today. Made it home without dozing, though. Made it two steps into the living room and onto the couch, where I dozed again for a couple of hours. Dang, maybe my activity tracker was right about last night!

Hauled myself out the door and down to the restaurant for a cup of clam chowder (which actually tasted ok…not exactly right, but ok… it seems that my umami taste buds are least affected). Going to try some Chicken Limon w/o sides. Vegetables are really bad…potatoes taste like sawdust and green beans taste like sticks of wood.

Then, I’m going to go home, supplement myself up to try to get closer to my 2500 calorie/150 g protein goal for the day. And then I am going to do my best to doze all night. I have no early appointments. I still don’t have a medical release to return to work (I suspect that my message to the Dr went unread because of their technical issues, today), so don’t need to get up early for work. I might stop by work, anyway. I have some packages on my desk that I need to bring home. I might also bring home some product so that when I do get the medical release I’ll have some product at the house so that I can work from there if needed.

Probably (please, please be) a nice, boring day tomorrow. Then, back to doubled-up appointments on Wednesday and Thursday.

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