Throat Blog — No News is No News


I’ve been pretty lazy as far as the blog goes, lately. No posts for a long time…which means that nothing of note has really happened (throat related, anyway). I did get the stomach tube removed. Unremarkable…the doctor deflated the balloon then yanked it out, slapped a gauze on it, taped it down, and said not to eat for a few hours. That was basically it. I’ve got another ugly scar on my stomach, but I’ve started collecting them, so that is OK. I should think about getting a tatoo to theme them all together. Where the tube is could make a pretty decent eye without much ink. Not sure about the footlong vertical scar through my belly button, though.

All my vitals have been normal. The only bad thing that has happened has been a case of food poisoning from eating out last Thursday that I am still recovering from. Other than the 20 hours of agony from the clot in my small intestine, I’ve not felt this bad in years. Certainly the chemo/radiation never had me feeling this bad (tired, run down, but not nauseous). Couldn’t eat on Friday. Eating, now, but very carefully. Trying to stay hydrated as the badness works itself all the way through my digestive tract. It has lodged somewhere south of the navel and sounds like two squirrels arguing with a gorilla.

Anyway, next up will be a CT scan on May Day. Hoping I can stay lazy.

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