Throat Blog — Not low-maintenance today

I am usually not very much of a work load, even in ICU. Not today, though. Today I kept two nurses running full time for 12 hours. Putting on leeches, taking off leeches, Continuously cleaning up blood, suctioning blood…I was a mess all day long.I know they must have been exhausted at the end of their shift, because I’m pretty tired and all I did was mostly sit up in a chair all day.

Got 2 units of blood to replace the blood the leeches took (and that the blood thinner took). Thought I could get off the heavier pain meds, but by the time I got just Tylenol, I’d been waiting too long and had to go back to Vicodin. Will try to go back to just Tylenol tonight now that the pain (mostly back of my neck pain) has been knocked down.

Not much else to report. Just waiting for the blood flow in my neck to improve enough to stop the leeching.

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