Throat Blog — Oh, and a Nutritionist, Too

Oh, forgot to mention that a nutritionist also visited during the chemotherapy. And I should mention that, plus mention the nurses and techs that took care of me. They were all great. Got me professionally IV’d on the first attempt and made sure I had everything I needed to be comfortable for my few hours visit.

Nutritionist went over things to do as or if nausea or other digestive side effects occur. Also recommended a 2,000-2,500 calorie/day diet just to maintain weight and gave me some some diet tips (creamy soups, lots of protein, lots of water or sports drink). I’ll go ahead and start tracking my calories for a while (I use MyFitnessPal, which also links up with my activity/fitness/sleep/weight tracker at Polar) in addition to keeping up with my weight every morning. She said that they’d look at putting in a PEG (feeding tube directly into my stomach) if I lost more than 10-15 lbs. That would put me well below 160…so I’ll push to stay above that target. Or wear progressively heavier and heavier clothes to their weigh-ins. 🙂

I do have some high-calorie liquid supplements (Boost Very High Calorie) that will be easier to swallow as my throat gets sore. And, I’ll start splitting my eating up into more meals and graze on snacks, too. I have a nearly brand new food freeze-dryer I can use to make freeze-dried snacks (bananas, ice cream, other fruits, vegetables, whatever) that I can snack on…and that are easier to lug into treatment than bananas, ice cream, and fruit would be if not freeze-dried. I can also blend some of that with the Boost to make something that has more flavor variety. So, thinking about lots of ways to pass the weighs.

Anyway, thanks again to my chemo and radiation teams. I know it has only been one day, and 34 more treatment days ahead of me (for the radiation…only 5 more for chemo). But, it was the most important day, and I made it through with just a stutter (that was all me, not them).


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