Throat Blog — On the Run(s)

First rounds came through. I started a couple of weeks ago with 6 wound drains. Now, I’m down to two. Will probably go home with at least one.

The formula I am on has virtually no bulk. And, my digestive system doesn’t handle it well. I have to stay pretty close to a bathroom to avert disaster. This also is making it difficult to manage my electrolytes. Primarily, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. I’ve been getting an IV drip of magnesium in addition to oral supplements. Drinking sports drink for the potassium, and I added salt to the sports drink to provide additional sodium. But the real solution is going to be stopping the runs.

One doctor thinks I could move off the formula soon. The other wants me on it for at least a month. I think you know which doctor I like better right now. Oh, just a second, quick bio break then I’ll resume typing. <sigh>

I spent a while yesterday working on a recipe for a real-food blend that could add some bulk without adding fat. The current iteration is a probably overly complex (16 ingredients) mix of fruit, beans, vegetables, and is about 500 mL and nearly 300 calories. I think I could dilute it to a single 1 Liter “meal”. Possible that adding this bulk once per day could help stem the tide, even on this formula, but I can’t try it until I get home.

Meanwhile, they don’t want to send me home with it this bad. I’m on the maximum dose of Immodium and an injection that is supposed to help (neither has any noticeable effect). I am also taking 3 fiber packs / day along with the feeds. Other than that, they could likely release me today or tomorrow. Now, TBD.

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