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Ok, just got my treatment schedule. I misunderstood the chemo part…it is more often than I thought.

Starting 10/2, Chemo every Monday for 6 weeks (with labs it will take 4-5 hours); Radiation every week day for 7 weeks (30-45 minutes per session).

I could list the possible side affects of the chemo, but just doing so would actually trigger some of those side affects. In any event, the side affects I actually get are the only ones that will matter, and no one knows what those are until they actually happen. They’ll be what they’ll be and I’ve got plenty of drugs to ease whatever they are. And, whatever they are can’t be worse than what this is going to cure.

So, I’ll try to aim for more cheese and less whine.

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  1. You have my prayers…My husband has stage 4A laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma…Three year survival rate….I’m happy to say, the dr. says he is cancer free…But there is always a chance it could come back…I want to give you a little tip…If you lose more than 20 pounds…Please please, have them to put a feeding tube in….They waited too long for my husband…He has gone through hell and back…I pray that you won’t go through that kind of hell…

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