Throat Blog — Shrinkage


Good news from the Radiation Oncologist, today. Last Friday he noted a significant shrinkage in the tumor. I had also noticed that the tumor seemed smaller from the outside, and several others noted the same.

As of today I'll have 8 more radiation treatments and one more chemo, then we'll see what is left of the tumor. He's very optimistic that these last two weeks will be a very good two weeks as far as tumor eradication goes. It is unfortunate that I missed two weeks of chemo due to the intestine issue, as the chemo is really important for priming the tumor to die from the radiation.

I still can't swallow food very well…hits my gag button (and, of course, still tastes like crap). Oncologist believes that my sense of taste will come back quickly, as most of the radiation has been targeted well below my mouth. Much of the taste issue is likely also from the chemo…and after next Monday no more chemo so perhaps a few weeks for that to clear up. Hopefully with the tumor shrinking the gag button issue will ease up and I'll start to be able to eat normally, again.

Meanwhile, on the nutrition front…my weight is up, which is good. However, I found out today that my insurance does not cover my tube feeding at all. So, I need to call the supplier and negotiate to an uninsured rate. My first two weeks were billed to insurance at $2,300. Compare that to what I would have paid through other sources ($550-750) and it is still expensive, but manageable. Unfortunately I did not find out I wasn't covered until I'd ordered another 1 month supply. All of those boxes are sitting in my living room, unopened. If I can't get a reasonable cost, I'll drop it all off at their Irving office and seek other sources.

Today I'll meet with my Medical Oncologist (manages the chemo). Since my surgeon has released me, the Medical Oncologist will now manage my blood thinner prescription. I'm hopeful that I'll only need to stay on that for another month or two, but we'll see what he says.

And, finally, the sewer line issue is fixed, and didn't break the bank (just dented it a bit). I'm back home from my mini-vacation at my sister's house. Everything flushes and drains as it should. And, since that had to have been #3 on the bad things come in groups of 3 chart, just looking forward to better things from here on out.

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