Throat Blog — Slow Weekend


Nothing much happens on most weekends up here and this weekend is a perfect example. The only thing qualifying as interesting is the 5 minutes I had to spend in the hall during the severe weather warning.

I believe I’ve mentioned that I have some tubes sticking out of each side of my neck that allows the doctors to irrigate the fistulas. Up to yesterday, when they irrigated the area, some of the saline went into my throat from both sides. Today, it seems that the right side has progressed enough on the healing front that none of the saline went into my throat. Still some leakage into my throat from the left side, though, and, of course, the left side is the one that was of more concern due to its proximity to a major vein.

I don’t see my regular doctors on the weekend, so no way to get an answer, but I am otherwise really ready to get out of here. They may want to continue to watch that left side until it closes enough to not leak all the way into my throat. They also might want to do another barium swallow study once that leak closes to ensure that the throat side has fully closed.

My to-do list of things I need to take care of when I get home has now grown to be longer than my list of comments and questions I have for the doctors (which is basically down to “When can I go home?”). And, those to-dos will take extra time because it will take me a week or two to get up to being hale enough to do very much at once. But, most of them involve driving somewhere and sitting, so should be able to manage that much.

I noticed that my watch (which is also an activity monitor) has a message that sleep data is unavailable. When I tapped to find out more, it said that I need to be wearing it for at least 4 hours while sleeping. Well, it would be nice if I could get more than 4 hours of sleep at night, but I think that isn’t going to happen until I get home, and even then the cat probably won’t allow it for a couple of nights. I try to take a nap during the day, but even that gets interrupted by vitals checks and routine rounds (and the occasional severe weather warning).

So, watching the remaining drizzle roll down the window, about to order dinner, considering pre-emptively packing my bag.

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