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September 14, 2017 (Morning)

Ok, got the new PET scan appointment. Now on Monday afternoon. They didn’t say whether or not to bring the cat (I suspect not).

Nurse also tried to call this morning. Again, no voice mail left. But, got a secure email. Dr. Sumer is looking to take me into surgery as soon as next week. I still don’t know what the scope of that surgery will be, but glad, at least, that we are closer to having a time line.

My job for nearly 20 years, now, has involved product development, and development is always built around a timeline. We don’t always hit every date, but we at least have a plan of what we are going to do step by step and how long each step should take.

When I go camping, I tend to use some of the same methodologies:

  • Determine what I want to do (i.e. backpack for 2 days in the rough).
  • Determine what I need to accomplish in order to do that (prepare/buy food for 2 days; take appropriate clothing; take appropriate shelter/sleeping gear; take appropriate personal and first aid items; take enough water or materials to purify water; etc.)
  • Make a list of everything I need based on the above.
  • Determine what I need to do to collect, make, or buy everything on the list (cook/package food or go to REI; pack clothes, etc).
  • Then, start doing it.
  • Finally, go backpacking for 2 days knowing that I’ve got what I need to have a good time.

Ok, I think the final step in this is not going to be “Have a good time.” Well, more than think that. But I really want to know what the road map is. What is the next step? When will it happen? How long will it take? What will we do after that?

I know that this makes me sound like a control freak. I’m really not. I’m more laid back than that. But, not knowing that road map is making me a little crazy.

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  1. Well Paul,

    Maybe a little OCD, but okay when it comes to your health and procedures. Get the details. Know what they are thinking and ask questions. So, a tumor in the throat? They test for malignancy or the benignity of it?

  2. Paul, I wish you the very best as you engage in this unexpected adventure. Being where you are in Texas gives you easy access to world-class health care.

    Do keep us posted. I am very grateful for all that you do for so many others and I sincerely care about you as a person.

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