Throat Blog — Swallowing is Becoming a Chore

Well, I am starting to notice 3 side effects of the radiation this weekend:

  1. A little pain in the back of my throat when swallowing.
  2. Almost no sense of taste.
  3. Very dry mouth.

So, getting food down in the volume the oncologists want (2,500+ calories/day) is more of a job than a pleasure. I have been supplementing a little using my PEG (feeding tube) and have also made sure to stay hydrated that same way. They told me to put a few ounces of water though the tube a couple of times a day to keep it clear…I’ve actually been putting a full glass of water through it 3 times a day, since I really don’t feel like I’m drinking enough water by mouth.

This week is just chock full of appointments: chemo+radiation on Monday. Radiation Tuesday – Friday (twice on Wednesday). Swallow study on Wednesday.

As for the aftereffects of my abdominal surgery, my plan was to return to work on Tuesday (it would be short days due to all the appointments) but I’m still waiting to hear from my surgeon on that. My only lingering (but constant) complaint is the continuing need to be near a bathroom at all times…just in case. But, that is going to be true no matter where I am.

I would like to be taking some long walks through the neighborhood…physically I am up for it, and it would do me good. But, that would be like playing a particularly disturbing form of Russian Roulette. I have an exercise bike I’d planned on using in short doses…but I’m so sore from the constant trips to the bathroom I’m not really ready for that. I guess eating + little exercise will at least help to start rebuilding my weight.

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